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Hiking along the Libyan Sea

Crete; mountains and sea

8-day hiking tour in southwest Crete. The south-west coast of Crete has become a favorite destination for hikers from all over the world because of the unique beauty of the landscape and its often exotic character, the close combination of mountain and sea, the maintenance and marking of paths and the existence of the necessary infrastructure. You walk mostly along the coast of the Libyan Sea, three times you hike to the island's interior to return back to the sea crossing the gorges of Agia Irini, Samaria and Aradena. An early morning departure is highly recommended, especially during warm periods. Frequent bathing opportunities. Depending on the time of arrival or departure, you can visit the cities of Chania or / and Heraklion.

Northern Greece: Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly

An 11-day cultural trip with hiking opportunities. Greek Macedonian royal tombs and sanctuaries, floating monasteries and Byzantine churches, legendary mountains and overwhelmingly beautiful coastlines: a journey through the northern Greece into a world full of secrets and mystical sites, historical places and unique natural beauty. It shivers thinking of the oracle of Zeus at Dodoni, the necropolis of the Macedonian kings in Aigai and the Meteora monasteries.

Samos, Patmos, Kos: Historical islands in the eastern Aegean Sea

A 13-day hiking and educational tour. SAMOS: Pythagoras' island, also the centre of Hera's cult. The Heraion, temple of the Samian Hera, is an UNESCO World Heritage site. In PATMOS St. John had the vision of the Revelation. The monastery of St. John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse: an important christian pilgrimage, in the UNESCO World Heritage List. KOS was an important centre of the cult of the healing god Asclepius and the birthplace of Hippocrates, legendary "father of medicine"; today also a popular destination for beach enthusiasts. On NISYROS, an active volcano sleeps.
Pilgerinnen auf der Athos-Kreuzfahrt

Northern Greece: Macedonia and Thasos

14 days in Macedonia and on Thasos. In Macedonia, on the peaks of the Olympus, is the residence of the twelve gods of the Hellenes. In Stageira, the philosopher Aristotle was born. From Pella, Alexander launches the conquest of Asia. According to the lyric poet Archilochus, "Thasos is like the spine of a donkey, wreathed in unkempt forest". An exciting journey through a less known Greece with plenty of sightseeing, some easy hikes and three relaxation days.

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Mt Olympus; brave hiker takes his bath in the beautyful cold waters of Enippeas Gorge.
Mt Olympus; brave hiker takes his bath in the beautyful cold waters of Enippeas Gorge.
Rhodos; Old Town

Rhodes - Helios' Island

An 8-day cultural trip with hiking opportunities. Rhodes, with approximately 1400 km2 surface, the largest of the islands of the Dodecanese, located close to the coast of Asia Minor in the Aegean Sea. Its landscape is characterized by smooth and extensive beaches and partially forested mountains in the inland. Cleobulus the Rhodian was one of the Seven Sages of Greece and the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The Acropolis of Lindos and the the Fortress of the Knights of St John in the City of Rhodes are among the most fascinating sights in the Aegean.
Corfu; NW Coast

Corfu, island of the Phaeacians

An 8-day educational and hiking tour. The sickle-shaped island lies near the continental coast of Epirus, from which it is separated by the Sea of Corfu. Wide and mountainous is its northern part, narrow and hilly the southern. Olive trees and cypresses characterize the landscape. Spared by the earthquakes that destroyed the other Ionian Islands, Corfu conserves its beautiful old villages and the mediaeval town. Endless nature offers the ideal conditions for many hikes.

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Tinos; Xobourgo

Cyclades: Islands of Light

A 15-day study and hiking tour: Visits and walks on Tinos (3 nights), Paros (3 nights), Santorini (3 nights) and Naxos (4 nights), with Delos and Mykonos. Last night: Accommodation in Athens. Tinos is home of the harsh north wind Boreas and the Shrine of Our Lady. Paros is the home of the poet Archilochos. Naxos was the center of the Venetian dukedom of the Archipelago. Delos was a Bethlehem of the old religion as Apollo, the god of light, was born there. On Santorin the myth of Atlantis revives. "Island Hopping" on the coasts of light. At least as nice as showed in the pictures.


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