Arcadia; Karitena

Classical Greece by bicycle (8 days)

Eight days by bicycle and bus to the classical sites of southern Greece; we drive over mountains and seas, to the most important sites of the antiquity and byzantine era of southern Greece. Always accompanied by our bus; the bikes in the trailer; guided by a specialist.
Athens; Erechteion

Pagan temples and Christian churches

Ancient and Byzantine Greece. On this extended “classical tour” of 8 days, 7 nights you will visit the main historical and cultural highlights of Southern Greece, such as the Acropolis and its museum in Athens, the oracle of Apollon in Delphi, the sanctuary of Zeus and the Stadium of the ancient Olympics in Olympia, the Homeric site of Mycenae, the famous theater of Epidaurus, but also the monastery of Hosios Loukas with its splendid mosaic decoration and the ruined byzantine town of Mistras with its painted churches.
Pilgerinnen auf der Athos-Kreuzfahrt

Northern Greece: Macedonia and Thasos

14 days in Macedonia and on Thasos. In Macedonia, on the peaks of the Olympus, is the residence of the twelve gods of the Hellenes. In Stageira, the philosopher Aristotle was born. From Pella, Alexander launches the conquest of Asia. According to the lyric poet Archilochus, "Thasos is like the spine of a donkey, wreathed in unkempt forest". An exciting journey through a less known Greece with plenty of sightseeing, some easy hikes and three relaxation days.
Est Crete; Beach of Vai

Crete, Island of Minos

A 9-days cultural tour full of experiences around the "Big-Island" of Crete. Where Zeus was born, and the Minoan culture developed. On its way from the highlands to the sea, water digs deep ravines in the karst mountains. Lonely cliffs and secluded beaches; flocks of sheep and goats; olive groves, vineyards and greenhouses; prehistoric palaces, Doric acropoleis, Byzantine churches, Venetian castles and mosques from the Ottoman period on the edge of Europe.
Biking in Central Greece; Phthiotis

Hellas by bicycle: From Olympus to Olympia

A 13-day bicycle trip. By bus and bicycle to classical sites and isolated areas from Thessaloniki to Patras. Biking in the mountains, on the plains, by the coastline and on an island. Visiting excavations, museums and churches. Swimming in the sea.


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