Spetses; island tour by bike

Bicycle holidays on Spetses

8 days on the island of Spetses in the traditional settlement. The old captains’ houses witness the flowering past due to the maritime trade of the 18th and 19th centuries, though the modern luxurious villas show today the preference of noble people for the beauty of this island. In day excursions you can reach as well the neighbor island of Hydra with its particularly beautiful traditional settlement, Nafplion the former capital with its Venetian Old Town and Epidaurus with its world famous theater. Spetses Island is only 1 hour 30 minutes (by hydrofoil) from Piraeus and just 15 minutes (by ferry) from the Peloponnese.
Corfu; Vlacherna

Corfu: Through olive woods and traditional villages

An 8 day bicycle tour on Corfu, an island near the coast of Epirus on the NW part of Greece, separated from the continental coast by the Sea of Corfu. Wide and mountainous is the northern part, narrow and hilly the southern. Olive trees and cypresses characterize the landscape. As Scheria, homeland of the legendary Phaeacians, the island was introduced by Homer in the world literature: There, the adventures of Odysseus were finished. The shipwrecked was saved from Poseidon’s anger and the elements of nature in a sheltered creek, where a princess took care of him. His hosts organized finally his return trip to Ithaca.
Naxos; SW coast

Cyclades; islands in the Aegean Sea- bike and hike on the Cycladic Islands

A 15-day "bike and hike" tour (biking on Paros, Antiparos and Naxos, hiking on Santorini). Biking, hiking and touring on Paros, Naxos and Santorini, including excursions to Antiparos, Delos and Mykonos. Paros was the birthplace of the lyric poet Archilochos. Naxos had become the centre of the Venetian dukedom of the Archipelago. Delos was the Bethlehem for the ancient religion: There the god of light Apollo was born. Is Santorini the mythical Atlantis? “Island-hopping” at the coasts of light, biking by the sea through arid landscapes and lonely areas, walking on medieval paths to archaic statues, along the crater’s border. It’s really (at least) as beautiful as shown in the pictures.
Arcadia; Karitena

Classical Greece by bicycle (8 days)

Eight days by bicycle and bus to the classical sites of southern Greece; we drive over mountains and seas, to the most important sites of the antiquity and byzantine era of southern Greece. Always accompanied by our bus; the bikes in the trailer; guided by a specialist.
Biking in Central Greece; Phthiotis

Hellas by bicycle: From Olympus to Olympia

A 13-day bicycle trip. By bus and bicycle to classical sites and isolated areas from Thessaloniki to Patras. Biking in the mountains, on the plains, by the coastline and on an island. Visiting excavations, museums and churches. Swimming in the sea.
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